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Our next Zoom meeting starts at 7 pm, featuring Dr Heather McKillop talking about underwater archaeology in Belize.

See below for full details and a link to join us.

Peterborough November meeting with Dr Heather McKillop

Heather McKillop is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Louisiana State University. She will be talking about her work on underwater archaeology in Belize.

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Not sure what's going on in this pic?
Join us next week to get the full story.
We'll be recording this presentation to post online afterwards. The video will be of the presenter. Other participants may appear from time to time due to the way Zoom works.

You can still join us even if you don't want to appear in the video. Just turn off your webcam and mute your microphone. You can send in questions through the meeting text chat.

Recording from October

In case you missed our October meeting, you can see the recording on our site. In our October Zoom meeting, recent Trent University grad Corrie Hyland tells us about starting her DPhil research in Oxford, UK.

Corrie Hyland
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