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Tonight's Zoom meeting starts at 7 pm,

featuring Dr Cheryl Claassen.

See below for full details and a link to join us.

Peterborough March meeting with Cheryl Claassen

What Archaic Period Native Peoples Might Have Believed

Dr Cheryl Claassen started digging in Oklahoma in high school, got a BA in Anthropology at the University of Arkansas in 1972 with a thesis on the Aleutian Islands, and attended field school at Grasshopper ruins, Arizona 1975. She went on to Harvard for a PhD in Arctic prehistory but …

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Dr Cheryl Claassen digging in a pit
We'll be recording this presentation to post online afterwards. The video will be of the presenter. Other participants may appear from time to time due to the way Zoom works.

You can still join us even if you don't want to appear in the video. Just turn off your webcam and mute your microphone. You can send in questions through the meeting text chat.

Updates & Apologies

I'm sorry we're a bit behind getting meeting recordings online. I hope to catch up by next week and will send out a new message when new content goes online.

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Recording from October

In case you missed our October meeting, you can see the recording on our site. In our October Zoom meeting, recent Trent University grad Corrie Hyland tells us about starting her DPhil research in Oxford, UK.

Corrie Hyland
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