October Recording

Corrie Hyland speaking about her PhD research starting in Oxford, UK.

from October 27, 2020

Uncovering Past Lives in the Viru Valley, Peru

Corrie’s presentation is the second in the chapter’s “Women in Archaeology” series.  It is open to members of the community.

From our presenter this month:

Hello, my name is Corrie Hyland, and I am a recent graduate of Trent University’s MA Anthropology program where I used stable isotope analysis to learn more about the lives of people in the past.

My interest in archaeology developed from my enjoyment of both history and science classes in high school which was further fostered during my BSc Archaeology degree at Trent University. I first learned how to excavate at the Drawsko Mortuary Archaeology Field School in Poland, and my enthusiasm for archaeology continued through my work as an archaeological field technician in Ontario and excavations in the Virú Valley, Peru. Throughout my time at Trent University I worked as a research assistant for the Trent Environmental Archaeology Lab, where I assisted in the processing of archaeological samples for radiocarbon dating and stable isotope analysis under the guidance of Dr Paul Szpak.

I will continue to build upon this training through my DPhil research at the University of Oxford by exploring the exciting developments of compound-specific stable isotope analysis for archaeological research.

Conversation before the presentation

Corrie’s Presentation